Alberto Ballarin

The Langhe region is situated in the southern part of the region of Piedmont, between the Maritime Alps and the Apennines. The landscape is dominated by gentle hills fully covered by vineyards and spotted with castles giving a medieval and fairy tales appearance. On this roiling sea of vineyards the densest concentration of vines anywhere in Italy can be probably found. 

The continental climate we can find in the Langhe region has some distinctive characteristics that make this area unique. Warmer winds blowing from the Mediterranean sea meet those coming down off the Alps and prevent cold air from hitting the hills. Natural fluctuations in climate are frequent and can be appreciated in the glass: every vintage is different. Every hill in the Langhe has its own distinctive micro-climate which, combined with the winemaker's skills, produces a huge variety of wine styles. In the Langhe wines never taste the same among the hundreds of family owned estates.The Barolo area is not the coldest of the region and it has medium temperatures due to warm winds rising from the Tanaro river valley.

Piemonte is often referred to as Italy’s answer to Burgundy. In particular, the Langhe region has much in common with Burgundy. It is not only the continental climate that the Langhe region has in common with the Burgundy but both regions are a small estates and vignerons world: small vineyards are owned and looked after by families who have inherited hundred-of-year old tradition. 

Alberto Ballarin (formerly known as Cascina Ballarin) is a small, family-owned estate located in La Morra (province of Cuneo) in the heart of the Langhe region that has been in the hands of the Viberti family since 1928. The estate is currently managed by Giorgio and his son Alberto. They work in the vineyard and in the cellar with dedication, passion and in the pursuit of expressing the Piemonte terroir to the fullest. The 9 hectares of vineyards are mainly located in the precious area of Barolo (7.5 hectares) and partly in the Roero (1.5 hectares).

La Morra (Cuneo), Italy

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